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    Things We’ve Heard

    Interesting people and the things they do

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    Artists as Entrepreneurs

    Our philosophy

"Our core efforts revolve around empowering people who create high-quality work to take their creations to the next level. We invite you to be part of this evolution in the music industry. Let us help connect you to your audience.... Read more about us here



Since the inception of this company the majority of our services have been in the form of services that we provide to our clients; mostly helping them construct a finished product, or teach individuals how they could tweak or take control of their personal products.« Continue »

Black History Month 2014

BHM 2014 (4)

Our core efforts revolve around empowering people who create high-quality work. We believe that in order to continue producing perspective-changing work, the music industry must break through all barriers and become an industry of self-determination and high individual standards.


Things We’ve Heard


We’ve wanted to host a podcast for quite some time now, but weren’t quite sure where to start. This originally stemmed from our wanting to have regular conversations with those we admire and respect. For all of these reasons, we decided to start Things We’ve Heard, a podcast series of sorts published by Bugles Media. […]


Interview: Bugles Artist Craig Tweddell


I first met Craig Tweddell, a burgeoning young trumpet player, in a coffeehouse in Morehead, KY, just across the state from his native Louisville, KY, while I was still in college. We (us founders) were hosting a small hang before heading to the National Trumpet Competition where Craig (and Eric) would be competing in the […]


Our New Record Label and Away With Words

CD Front Cover

Bugles Media is proud to announce the launch of our new record label with the global release of Away With Words, the debut album from Louisville jazz trumpeter Craig Tweddell.

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